INTO THE DEEP - THE HAVEN is set in the Cayman Islands and melds luminous imagery to multi-layered deception. At first a puzzle, then an increasingly dangerous contest of wits between players who often don't know against whom they are really playing, the story relentlessly draws the reader toward a strange and surprising twist with a murder by means no man is likely to forget.

" ...Linnell Clare, a loyal but frustrated wife at night and an ambitious tax attorney by day, sets off to the Cayman Islands on her wild scheme to re-attract her husband, Dr. Mark "Bear" Clare, whose attention seems riveted on only two things: his practice, and the New Age organization known as "The Wei". LInnell has long planned to surprise Bear with the fruit of her entrepreneurial adventures on his birthday. Bear has a surprise for her too . . . and so the adventure begins."

Paying homage to Nobel Prize Winner Andre Gide's Lafcadio's Adventures, DEEP extends Gide's exploration of the motiveless crime into the next millennium while promising to become a classic in its own right.

The deception begins even before the first page is turned, for the shapely image on the cover is not human, but a vision of the most powerful of all the Obeah deities: Efik Loah--governor of Love, Life, and Death.