"Rosswell, you ruined my weekend - I picked up Into The Deep on Friday night, read until two a.m., then got nothing accomplished on Saturday because I had to finish the book! I haven't done something like this for long, long while, and my compliments and best wishes to you."

- Betty Wright, publisher, Rainbow Books Inc.

"ONE OF CAYMAN'S BEST" - July 4th, 2000
"As Americans who are very familiar with Cayman, San Francisco, and funding trips to both, this is one of the best books on the subject. The settings are very familiar and accurately portrayed, and the story line is both compelling and entertaining. My wife and I intend to retire to Cayman in the next few years. Consequently we read everything that, evenly obliquely, touches the Cayman Islands. We have spent time in the middle of the old Holiday Inn (where much of the Cayman activity takes place) and the story makes one feel that you are there. Alas, the Holiday Inn is not longer there but the richness of this story will make it live on forever. An outstanding piece of work! We can't wait to return again."

- Cliff@Feightner.com

"Dy-no-mite! It's terrific and a story not to be taken lightly. The adventures captured my attention from cover to cover. This book will be a grand success!"

- Ritagail Keller, Attorney at Law

"A compelling tale, hard to put down once you start. Wonderfully written, with interesting characters. The author wraps them around international tax law, drugs and murder, spinning an exhilarating tale of suspense and mystery. Into The Deep holds your interest and delivers in the end with an interesting twist on the characters - which pulls you in deeper as the story draws to a close. This is an author with a future and I cannot wait for the next novel."

- James R. Zuur, CEO, Camera Cinemas

"Hey! What can I say? Love it! This adventure out-Grishams Grisham!"

- Steven Jasik, CEO, MacNosy Inc.

"Here is a work of many charms. Rarely does a first novelist walk the tightrope of analysis and synthesis as well as Rosswell has. Those who seek the entertainment of a plot few can second-guess will be rewarded with ever-expanding surprises. Those who would revisit the free-wheeling Seventies will relive that time, and better understand what remains of it. And those who would explore the eternal themes of good and evil, logic and magic, known and unknowable, will likely experience a multi-level chess game, played with words. This is a novel both of its time, and beyond.

- F.S. Chicago, Illinois

"A brilliant mystery that breaks all the rules. Luminous scenes peopled by wonderful characters. A fantastic read!"

- A mystery fan, Sussex, New Jersey


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